About FEC United

FEC United is a movement of bold men and women who will restore and secure the blessings of liberty guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution. Courage is more infectious than fear. We, FEC United, and our members commit to support and defend the foundation of our American Way of Life through the pillars of Faith, Education, and Commerce.



The Importance of Commerce

Businesses, particularly small, family owned businesses, are not represented at any level. They are forced to collect and pay forward taxes to federal, state, and local agencies, without compensation or representation. Chambers of commerce and business associations stood silently through devastating government overreach as they continued to acquire their fees and dues, failing to advocate on behalf of their members at any level. We have seen various governmental agencies, such as liquor boards, weaponize their ability to penalize businesses with outlandish fines and threats to strip them of licensure they had legally obtained. All businesses have the right to operate freely and have equal protections for due process. “Life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” did not come with the contingency of “upon government determination.” Hundreds of thousands of businesses have permanently closed, detrimentally affecting millions of lives and livelihoods. Systems being established to force compliance through government incentives and selective employment benefits goes against every value America has fought for to obtain and sustain a free market economy.

Our goal in commerce is to see business owners and employees thrive and prosper without restriction in a truly free market, as was intended. We believe every dollar is a vote, for or against the values that business promotes and supports. Supporting local businesses is the foundation of a healthy local economy, which is why we are working to develop a freedom network of businesses that members can search to find the products and services they are in need of in their geographic areas. We will also work to provide support resources and remove bureaucratic obstacles for business owners. We will evaluate needs in communities and work to fill these identified support gaps for the local business community.

About the People’s Chamber of Commerce

The People’s Chamber of Commerce by FEC United believes that business owners are the sole decision makers for their businesses within the bounds legislated and outlined in the U.S. Constitution. Business owners always reserve the right to operate freely to protect assets and maintain personnel functions. No bureaucratic entity has the authority to deem businesses essential or non-essential, discriminate against, or threaten, the right to free commerce. We will advocate and defend these rights. Stand with us. Become a Commerce Member today and list your business for hundreds of thousands of fellow patriots to see.


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